I build amps... for my old friends and my future friends. I do it because I love it.  When you do something you love, you take your sweet time to do it right.  Each Celtic Amplifier is wired point to point by hand, one at a time, with the very best components I can find.  My obsession stems from a deep passion that only comes from a serious commitment to tone. Components include US-made Transformers, Carbon Composition Resistors (where appropriate), Sprague/SoZo/Mallory Capacitors, Switchcraft jacks, and US-made head enclosures and combo cabs. No circuit boards allowed! 


If you are looking for a tone machine that can handle life on the road, or just an amp that will give up the goods at reasonable home volumes, your search is over. I am not in a position these days to take on a lot of special orders.  I will start to post amps for sale as I complete them.  If you have a question on what I will be building next, feel free to email me.  I’ll try to list that on the Current Inventory page. 

I've been playing guitar since 1969. There is a lot I've learned about tone over the years. Play hard, play often and only play the best you can afford. Life is too short. While they say tone is in your fingers and it is, a great amp will maximize what you have to offer and inspire you to play more often. When you play more often, guess what... you get better. Therefore, a great amp will make you better! How's that pretzel logic! :)




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